Data analysis offer – open invitation

This is an open invitation to everyone who might have a specific request of an index, stock or data series that they would like comprehensively analysed via the many various methods I provide. The work I did previously with Lance at StreetTalk was by mutual exchange, and the results were provided here with his kind permission.

There is a great many data series I have already but it can be anything with a date and closing price history. If I do not already have the data, you will need to provide me a data file. Then leave the rest up to me for a full suite of linear, non-linear and power series analysis.

The terms are simple: everything is done on a one to one basis under commercial confidence, and nothing is released unless you expressly permit me. The only person to get the results will be yourself.

Simply enter your request (max of 3 per comment) via comment. Let me know if you want the comment kept private or otherwise. Provide me with some contact details to send the results to, or if you prefer a more personal one on one interface.



About atradersrant

Self-employed private trader of equities, commodities and FX for income and investment; Follow me at your own risk! I provide analysis of major market & economic trends .. with too much commentary on fraud and corruption that is rife in the open market.
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