Find out what is behind the green door

People who understand risk, will understand this great offer.

This is a special release edition (in large hi resolution computer file .png format) of my updated data trend model for the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA, see sample below). In the package on offer is similar to the chart shown below, and includes –

  • Overall chart of trend model from May1896 to Dec2015, with maxima and minima
  • Zoomed chart of trend model from 1966 to Dec2015, with maxima and minima
  • Chart showing reverse model back to actual DJIA trend with forecast overlay
  • Chart showing correction of trend back to actual DJIA values with forecast overlay
  • Important legal disclaimer (pdf file)
  • an electronic file containing the data points (daily data) for each of the data ranges as plotted on each chart above (delimited text or CSV file format), including model maxima and minima.
  • Formal receipt of payment for tax/expense purposes
  • Personal support to answer specific questions you may have

– all four (4) charts above in large format 1920×1200 hi resolution .png file format based on daily data with model maxima and minima shown. An additional (fifth) chart will be provided showing the largest underlying trend out to 2025. In respect to the DJIA I can assure you many of the major periods have not made it into mainstream analysis.

I can tell you the trend model is based on advanced analysis techniques incorporating proven mathematical principles using proprietary methods developed over time. The result shown has better than RSQ>90% (MSexcel) for the entire actual data series, and the correlation is higher than that for the latter half of the data series up to the last data point of 09Jul2012. Not bad for over 29,000 data points covering the 116 years of Dow history.

From reading extensively over the last 3 years on brand name broker/dealer analysts and over several hundred economic papers, nothing of the kind offered here has been previously made available. Certainly nothing I have seen to date comes close in method and detail in modelling the DJIA trend to such a high level of accuracy. No fancy footwork is involved in the making of this analysis and the results will surprise many, if not everyone who accepts my offer.

The cost is AUD$1,210.00 (incl GST) for one complete set as per above. Initiate formal contact via blog comment which will be treated ‘commercial in confidence’. A real human being (me) will then contact you with payment details ($AUD in ANZ Bank, Australia). You will be sent the necessary legal disclaimer prior to payment to understand the terms of supply.

Please note, all proceeds of sales will be donated to our daughters disability carers. She is 3 and is unable to walk from birth due to a cervical spinal defect, requiring specialised equipment and continuous support. The cost is simply the value I place on the effort, expertise and result in providing information aimed at assisting you to gauge future potential risk based on analysis of the past.

SAMPLE CHART (actual size will be 1920×1200 px) – click for larger window
DJIA trend model - SAMPLE - click image



About atradersrant

Self-employed private trader of equities, commodities and FX for income and investment; Follow me at your own risk! I provide analysis of major market & economic trends .. with too much commentary on fraud and corruption that is rife in the open market.
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3 Responses to Find out what is behind the green door

  1. Any charts on precious metals?

    • atradersrant says:

      Yes Bron, I have daily PM data back to 1968 (gold) and 1963 (silver) based on the LBMA pm spot fix. They are scheduled in the pipeline after I complete USDx and EURUSD (by request, and which I trade). $EU I am doing daily whole of trend as well as recent intraday 1hour timeframe (fast alpha study).

      If you intend to purchase one or both PM’s, I’ll look at doing something for you sooner. The Gold study would include a completed trend study on the Dow/Gold ratio using annualised gold price pre 1968 (converted to daily) back to 1896 to data match the available Dow data.

  2. No rush, email me when you have something.

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