Like having an almanac of the future

The early results on the USDx long period analysis of underlying trend are in, as shown below. It is like having an almanac of the future to allow narrow highly tuned trading options prepared well in advance. Another high accuracy high correlation result with more coming available across all asset classes and more timeframes. The methodology incorporates a well developed adaptive dynamic analysis that can be to tuned to daily/intraday movements depending on your time horizon.

USDx long period trend
USDx dollar index daily - click image
(long period only, no higher order/high frequency trend shown)

Consider the value of having this analysis available for the FX pair/pairs you trade? What if you could plan for anticipated changes in trend and positions as reported in the CFTC COT reports that could verify your trading plan? But since nothing in guaranteed, and not even I can offer that, if the unexpected did happen you have the full context of history to assess what your options where within any given timeframe.

Consider the highly publicised and constantly referenced “Crash of 1987” that put many people unnecessarily into the wall financially. If you knew this was a blip on a longer horizon, you would have seen the opportunity, not the disaster.

The ‘blip’ of 1987
DJIA daily, 1987 trend - click image

The same goes for ‘seeing’ the top in 2007 and the low in 2009. What if you could better anticipate a trend high or low in order to reallocate your portfolio? Or better still, be better equipped to align your portfolio with your own internal redemptions/endowment timetable without any emotional attachment to the underlying trend? Perhaps you might want to question that overly optimistic or pessimistic analyst report that was put together by the brokers intern while he/she was courting you to lunch? Did you factor in the cost of bad advice into your free lunch?

All assets are covered providing highly accurate results without any preconceived bias or emotion – FX, Equities, Commodities, Indexes, Energy, Bonds, GDP, Balance of trade, Flow of funds … the lot! Do you honestly think the future will change so dramatically from the past simply because some self-interested current generation graduate of the ‘feel good fellowship’ says it will?

I doubt it … and I have the full weight of history on my side.
“Numquam imparatus” is Latin for “Never unprepared”!



About atradersrant

Self-employed private trader of equities, commodities and FX for income and investment; Follow me at your own risk! I provide analysis of major market & economic trends .. with too much commentary on fraud and corruption that is rife in the open market.
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