Like the namesake, the aim is to fine tune tools and examine critical economic and industry data to help myself and others navigate the rise and fall of equity and currency markets. To shine light on the darkness provided by misleading and misinformative media, commentators and broker/dealer analysts.

A brief introduction into what happens behind the scenes here – I post sometimes confronting commentary and fundamental analysis interspersed with timely and valuable technical analysis and trading advice that often provides superior financial returns (for those who choose to listen). I’m also @trends_trader and @trader_exchange on Twitter.

Surprisingly, I am a well balanced family oriented individual. Well balanced in that I proudly have a chip on both shoulders, I can dispense both subjective and objective criticisms and have a very healthy passion for deriding bullshitters and hypocrites whenever we are unfortunate enough to cross paths. However all of my time is consumed with mainly 3 things: financial planning and trading, our gorgeous 3 year old disabled daughter and sleeping. Everything else fits within or is done without.When it suits, we holiday around Australia in mostly very remote places, but the care for our daughter’s disability takes the front seat above all else.

She is why I do what I do.


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