NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE: The contents of this blog/website are personal opinions of the author compiled and presented for information only.  The contents based on current public information that is considered reliable, but is not represented as being accurate or complete, and should not be relied upon. All views expressed within this blog/website accurately reflect the authors own personal views and are subject to change at any time in response to changing data and dynamic market conditions.

While extensive care and rigor has been applied in putting together its contents, these documents are NOT financial advice and shall not be read, taken, disseminated or used as such. The author is not licensed to issue financial advice. Trading of all the instruments mentioned in this blog/website is inherently risky, and the reader must first obtain financial advice particular to their own needs and circumstances. Past performance is no indication of future performance. Trading can result in large financial losses and personal hardship. This blog/website is neither an offer nor a solicitation to participate in the buying, selling or trading of any of the instruments mentioned within.

The author is engaged in the activity of trading the various equities, indexes, currencies and commodities mentioned on a daily basis for personal gain. From time to time positions taken by the author are either long or short trades taken in some or all of these instruments. The author employs the analysis of the kind represented within this blog/website to make informed decisions entirely at his own risk.

DATA SOURCES: all data used in compiling these contents and to compile chart based technical analysis is sourced from reputable 3rd parties. This is the same data used by the author in trading on a daily basis. However the author has no control over the contents, timing, continuity or integrity of the data used in compiling. No warranty or guarantee is provided as to the accuracy of the information presented in this blog/website – inclusive of errors or omissions – whether in chart, table or summary form. The reader is required to verify the accuracy of any item or issue of interest or concern.

NO LIABILITY: Do not act on anything contained in this blog/website without seeking professional advice suited to your personal circumstances and requirements. The author shall not be liable for any personal or financial loss, damage or injury resulting from the use of information contained within or linked to this blog/website.

COPYRIGHT 2011: No part of this material may be reproduced, copied, photocopied or duplicated in any form by any means. These web contents must not be redistributed without prior written consent of the author.


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  1. The Trader says:

    Dear Sir,
    Would it be possible to republish some of your work on our site http://www.thetrader.se?

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